Combiport® + Combiguard II™

Combiguard Irrigation Splash Guard:

  • Egg-shaped cup covers wound site to prevent irrigation splashback, helping to protect heathcare provider
  • Dual outlet ports enable contaminated fluids to safely escape
  •  Fluid delivery inlet delivers a stream equivalent to an 18g needle
  •  Angled delivery inlet directs fluid away from cleansed area toward outlet ports
  • Rounded edges provide a smooth surface against the skin
  • Fits on 30-40cc luer-tipped syringe
  • Can be combined with Combiport 



Combiport Wound Irrigation Device:


  • Designed to administer a high volume of fluid in a short period of time; irrigation helps remove foreign bodies, reduce pathogen numbers and moisten wound tissue
  • Patented spike attaches to standard 500ml or 1000ml saline bag
  • For use only with Combiguard Irrigation Splash Guard; not sold separately
  • Removable cap for easy stop/start during cleansing
  • Easy to assemble and use